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Your guide to

inner and outer wellness.



'We are all just walking each other home'  Rumi

I am incredibly passionate about creating a peaceful and purposeful world. In order to have peace on earth, we must have peace within ourselves. By bringing balance to your body, peace to your mind and clarity to your soul; you shall know wholeness.

I have pursued a holistic lifestyle, both as a teacher and student, for the last 15 years and enjoy my continued learning and teaching in my private practice, yoga classes and retreats.

Through my own journey of continued awakening, I have overcome depression, anxiety, addiction and low self worth. This winding path has given me a rich experience and enthusiasm in my work.

I am a qualified advanced body worker, yoga teacher, spiritual life coach and counsellor. I love working from my successful garden practice in beautiful Dorset, intuitively intertwining all disciplines. I also enjoy working globally via Skype.

Sessions can assist with physical ailments, aches and pains, stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, sleeping problems, limiting self beliefs, finding your purpose and many other issues.


'When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything' Lao Tzu

Bodywork is of benefit to you when:


  • Your body is in physical pain, stress or tension

  • You are suffering or in pain with: neck and shoulders, headaches, lower back, hips and pelvis, knees, feet and ankles, carpel tunnel syndrome or golfers/tennis elbow

  • You want to improve rehabilitation after injury

  • You feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, helping with depression and anxiety

  • You want to improve your posture, lower blood pressure and improve sleep

  • You feel stagnant and lethargic or out of alignment


'Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success'

Swami Sivananda


'The wound is the place the light enters'       Rumi

Spiritual Couselling and Coaching is of benefit when you'd like to:

  • Take an inventory of one’s life and relationships

  • Assess one’s health and happiness

  • Identify goals and dreams

  • Process, heal and transform past traumas or losses

  • Discover or learn to deepen connection with one’s own spiritual source

  • Deepen meditation and mindfulness practices

  • Build a positive mind

  • Build skills of conscious co-creation

  • Come into harmony with one’s true nature

  • Find true forgiveness and freedom from the past

  • Find wholeness of self and holiness in life

Yoga is of benefit to you when:


  • You want to improve strength, flexibility and balance

  • You want to enhance flexibility of the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments

  • You want to improve circulation, massage the internal organs and improve organ function

  • You want to keep a strong and flexible spine enhancing blood circulation and keep the body young and powerful.

  • You want to feel at peace through deep relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques


'Take care of this moment' Gandhi

Retreat is of benefit to you:

  • You want to take some time out and rest

  • You want to enhance a deeper connection with the inner self

  • You want to experience holistic healing techniques that soothe the spirit, energise the body and calm the mind

  • You want to leave behind the distractions long enough to allow relaxation and inner change to occur

  • You want to regain a sense of calm, with the chance to simply be yourself.

  • You want to reflect, reassess and realign.

“Leah, I have to tell you how wonderful I’ve been feeling since I saw you. My spirit has raised so much, I feel like a completely different person. I feel enlightened, focused and empowered with new insights. Thank you so much for these gorgeous gifts.”

Tracey - Poole, Dorset


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